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Answer your editorial questions through this list of commonly used terms. You will find everything from definitions to using hyphens.

Visual Style Guides

Build a cohesive brand by using consistent colors, fonts and correct logo placement.

Program Content Guides

Make sure you have program-specific context and accurate terminology when writing for a specific MC&FP program.


Download the logos for MC&FP and related programs.



Editorial Style Update

DOD Logo and Seal Usage Guide — view the updated DOD Logo Guide here DOD Logo and Seal Usage Guide

Editorial Style Update

DOD Logo and Seal Usage Guide — view the updated DOD Logo and Seal Usage Guide here DOD Logo and Seal Usage Guide

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Style Guide – Check out the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Style Guide by clicking on the homepage button or click the link here: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Style Guide.

Editorial Style Update

military titles – Capitalize military ranks only when using as a formal title before a person’s name. On first reference, use the appropriate title before the full name of the service member. In subsequent references, use only the last name. Spell out and lowercase a title when using in the place of a name: Capt. James Smith gave the order. The general travels on Monday. For plurals, add s to the principal element: Majs. Smith and Jones. The following are abbreviations, with ranks in descending order:

New Logo Usage Guide

Military In Lasting Tribute – This guide contains important brand usage information, guidelines and policies for using, referencing or linking to Military In Lasting Tribute.

Editorial Style Update

Department of Defense seal and logo use – The Department of Defense seal and DOD logo are not interchangeable. The DOD seal has restricted usage and is limited to official DOD leader correspondence, legal documents, reports, memoranda, ceremonial booklets, certificates and awards. There is no substitute for the DOD seal, and there is no optional graphic that represents the DOD. For products containing service seals, the DOD seal, as opposed to the logo, should be used in conjunction with the service seals.

The DOD logo consists of the Pentagon icon and is typeset in Crimson Text Regular. It should be used for the majority of MC&FP and Military OneSource print and digital content. When applying the DOD logo to existing or new Military OneSource signatures (i.e. brand, properties and program marks), always position the DOD logo to the left.

For more information, consult DOD logo and DOD seal usage guidelines.

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

New Visual Style Guides – Visit the Visual Styel Guide Page to view new guides for DOD Logo and Seal Usage, Plan My Deployment and Plan My Move.

Editorial Style Update

DOD MWR Libraries – Formerly offered through Military OneSource as the MWR Digital Library, the updated DOD MWR Libraries resides at Because this is a service-wide integrated library, treat the title as a collective noun that takes a singular verb. Use DOD MWR Libraries on first reference, as this is the formal title. When referring to eResources, the library, libraries or digital library is acceptable on second and subsequent references.

Make benefits and database names clear and informative. For example, name the DOD MWR Libraries database “Kanopy Library of Films & Documentaries” instead of “Kanopy.”

Editorial Style Update

Gold Star and Surviving Family Member Representative — Always capitalize this when speaking about the representative initially. Use representative (lowercase) on second reference.

Gold Star Lapel Button and the Next of Kin of Deceased Lapel Button — Capitalize these button titles in all references. Note that the preferred term is button, not pin.

Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, Gold Star Spouses Day — This is the correct way to write these observed recognition days.

gold star survivors — Lowercase gold star when describing these surviving family members. For example, do not capitalize gold star parents.

Military In Lasting Tribute — Capitalize the first letter of each word in this title. Use Department of Defense (not Defense Department) when writing about this official online memorial. Note that this is referred to as an online memorial and not a digital memorial, website or application.