Use of Terms A - Z

Answer your editorial questions through this list of commonly used terms. You will find everything from definitions to using hyphens.

Visual Style Guides

Build a cohesive brand by using consistent colors, fonts, and correct logo placement.

Program Content Guides

Make sure you have this program-specific context and accurate terminology when writing for a specific MC&FP program.


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Editorial Style Update

Use “flyer” versus “flier” for those who fly and for handbills: She is a frequent flyer; the flyers showcase installation events. Use flier in “take a flier,” which means to take a big risk. For more style guidance, see our style guide or the AP Stylebook.

Editorial Style Update

Use the percent symbol – % – when pairing with numerals instead of spelling out “percent.” For more style guidance, see our style guide or the AP Stylebook.

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

Abbreviation/acronyms are acceptable on second reference. Spell out Exceptional Family Member Program on first reference, for example. For all other references, use EFMP.

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

Use “free” when the target audience is the military community (service members and family members) but use “no cost” when the audience is leadership. The only exception to the rule is for Facebook: Due to its algorithms, use either “no cost” or use a variation of “take advantage of your benefit.”

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

Do not use “please” in article content, social media or collateral material. The MC&FP Outreach team will have to clear any exceptions to the rule.

MC&FP Editorial Style Update

Spell out Department of Defense on first reference. It is then acceptable to use DOD.