Lists are a great way to organize ideas visually and enhance readability. When using lists:

  • Use bullets rather than numbers unless sequential order is important. If numbers are used, align the list by the last digit of the highest numeral. If you have more than five bullets, you have too many for a reader’s quick look. Reconsider how you are displaying the information.
  • Each bullet in a list should have parallel structure. For example, if one bullet begins with a verb, all bullets should start with a verb.
  • Capitalize the first word of the bulleted content, and finish with a period only if it is a complete sentence.
  • Bulleted lists should have at least two items. If there is only one, it can most likely be added to the sentence before it.
  • Use a colon after introductory text:
    Services for new parents include:
    • New Parent Support Program
    • Parenting classes
    • Child care