Branding and Logos for MC&FP and Support Programs

In fulfilling its mission to contribute to force readiness, Military Community and Family Policy provides quality of life programs that advance the well-being of the military community. Military OneSource plays a critical role in fulfilling that mission. It does this by providing a continuum of support and connecting service members and families to the resources and benefits they need to live their best MilLife.

Approved versions of MC&FP branding and program logos are available here along with complete instructions for using them. Users must meet the guidance this section of the MC&FP Style Guide provides.

MC&FP Mission Statement

Quality of life policies and programs that help our service members, their families and survivors be well and mission ready.

Communicating the Mission Through Our Brand Voice

Brand voice is the style of language MC&FP uses to communicate Military OneSource’s mission to the military community. For the brand voice to be effective, we need to express it in clear, consistent language that the people we are talking to can easily understand, whether it is service members or their families.

Military OneSource’s brand voice is:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Confident
  • Conversational
  • Positive
  • Empowering
  • Understanding
  • Supportive

This brand voice assures our audience members that they can count on us to help them succeed in their careers and personal lives. It is in our promise to the military community:

  • To be the ONE SOURCE that stands ready to assist as you master military life
  • To give you expert support and information that is always true
  • To be there, day and night, wherever you are, when you need a trusted voice, private and confidential
  • To have answers you can depend on in pursuit of your best goals and your best MilLife

Visual Style Guides for MC&FP and Support Programs

Visual style guides help define how to properly use logos and which fonts and colors to adopt in designed products and communication. Having a consistent brand helps build trust and instant recognition with our audience.

Make sure you’ve clearly identified whether the work you’re doing should have MC&FP branding or that of one of its support programs. That will help you determine which style guide(s) and logo(s) to use. If you’re not sure, check with your government contact to specify which visual and written styles to follow.

View MC&FP Visual Style Guides »

Logos for MC&FP and Support Programs

MC&FP and its program logos are official graphical identifiers for exclusive use on official products, websites, reports, etc. Therefore, make sure to use logos with care, and refer to the visual style guides for information regarding the appropriate use of each. MC&FP staff may use all logos. Of note, the DOD logo and the DOD seal are not interchangeable. Follow these usage guidelines:

  • The DOD logo may be used, in keeping with brand standards, in all DOD communications across all media platforms.
  • The DOD seal has very restricted usage. The DOD seal’s use is restricted to official DOD top leader correspondence, legal documents, reports, memoranda, ceremonial booklets, certificates and awards.
  • The DOD and military seals may not be used on flyers or other promotional materials. These seals may be used only by the military departments for official purposes.

To prevent the perception of a Defense Department endorsement, the logos and seals are not available for use outside the department. Where there is a partnership agreement, use of the logo must be by permission when the Office of General Counsel and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) allow it.

If you have questions about the artwork or its use, submit them via our support system.