Writing for My Military OneSource

Content developed for the My Military OneSource app should generally follow the MC&FP Style Guide and The Associated Press Stylebook. The list below provides specific guidance about capping, use of acronyms and character count limits.

General app style:

  • Title cap names of benefits and MilLife guides.
  • Use “&” as opposed to “and” for category buttons.
  • Spell out terms on first reference and then use commonly known acronyms in subsequent references within the same benefit description or MilLife guide.

My MilLife Guide style:

  • Follow the My MilLife Guide template for new guides, including guide introduction text, four related articles, at least one related website/tool, at least one related benefit and at least two examples in the expert section.
  • Do not exceed 50 characters for guide names.
  • Do not send users to an article or page on the Military OneSource website when linking to related websites/tools. The only exception to this is if the user is being directed to a specific product in the Products section.
  • Start the content for the Connect With Our Experts section with “Military OneSource is here for you when you are ready — to help you understand and get connected to the resources and benefits available to you. Here are a few:”.

Benefits style:

  • Follow the benefits template for new benefits, including the benefit name, a short description, a long description and a link to more information.
  • Do not exceed 75 characters for benefit names.
  • Make benefits and database names clear and informative. For example, name the DOD MWR Libraries database “Kanopy Library of Films & Documentaries” instead of “Kanopy.”
  • Do not exceed 130 characters for the short description of benefits. Text must be limited to three lines in the app. Do not repeat the benefit name in the short description; the short description content displays right under the name in the app.
  • Use of acronyms upon first reference in the short description is permitted, if necessary, to meet character count limits.
  • Make the intended audience or beneficiary clear in both short and long descriptions of benefits.
  • Keep the long descriptions concise. Many users will access this information on a mobile device. There is no character count limit for the long descriptions.
  • Do not assume that users will read both the short and long descriptions of benefits. Some places on the app send users directly to the long description instead of sending to the short description first. It is important that each benefit’s short and long descriptions are informative and accurate as stand-alone content.
  • The benefits links connect users to more information. The links do not have to take users to a Military OneSource website, but they must go to a .mil/Defense Department site.