Writing for My Military OneSource App

Content developed for the My Military OneSource app should generally follow the MC&FP Style Guide and The Associated Press Stylebook. The list below provides specific guidance about capitalization, use of acronyms and character count limits.

General app style:

  • Title cap names of benefits and MilLife guides.
  • Use “&” as opposed to “and” for category buttons.
  • Spell out terms on first reference and then use commonly known acronyms in subsequent references within the same benefit description or MilLife guide.

My MilLife Guide style:

  • Follow the My MilLife Guide template when creating a new guide. Include the guide introduction text, four related articles, at least one related website/tool, at least one related benefit and at least two examples in the expert section.
  • Do not exceed 55 characters for guide names.
  • Do not send users to an article or page on the Military OneSource website when linking to related websites/tools. The only exception to this is if the user is being directed to a specific product in the Products section.
  • Start the content for the Connect With Our Experts section with “Military OneSource is here for you when you are ready — to help you understand and get connected to the resources and benefits available to you. Here are a few:”.