MC&FP Websites

When developing content for Military Community and Family Policy websites and applications, there is an additional set of guidelines to follow. Web writers should follow style guidelines for general MC&FP writing. They should also note the following suggestions for using hyperlinks and URLs and writing appropriately for the web.

It is important to be aware of the standards and guidelines for URL approval. Not all URLs are acceptable. Follow the guidelines below:

  • If a URL ends in .gov or .mil, you can use it in your writing.
  • If a URL does not end in one of the approved endings above, ask yourself: Is this link required to fulfill the mission and intended purpose of this document? If the answer is no, do not use the link. If the answer is yes, you can check to see if the link has been previously approved. If not, you will have to submit the link for approval before using it.
  • Please note that all URLs that do not meet the criteria above must go through the link vetting process. You can submit a link via the Link Vetting Application.
  • If the URL does not end in the .gov or .mil approved endings, consider providing the necessary information without directly linking to the site.