Use of Terms A-Z

Military Community and Family Policy writing guidance aligns with The Associated Press Stylebook with a few exceptions. Definitions of military-specific terms appear below, along with editorial guidance for certain commonly used words for MC&FP and our programs. See additional writing guidance in the Writing Best Practices section. Find program-specific guidance in the Program Content Guides section.


DeCA – Acceptable for second and subsequent references to the Defense Commissary. Note the lowercase "e" that is part of the acronym but doesn't stand for a separate word.

Department of Defense/Defense Department – "U.S. Department of Defense" and "Department of Defense" to refer to the proper name and legal entity of this cabinet-level government department. Reserve these for use in formal and official correspondence, documents, reports and testimony. In all other cases, use "Defense Department" on first reference.

The correct acronym for "Defense Department" is "DOD," with an uppercase "O" in the center; use on second reference after "Defense Department," or when the stand-alone acronym suffices depending upon use. Do NOT use "DoD" except when otherwise directed.

Department of Defense publications – When referencing Department of Defense publications, including directives, instructions and service publications, cite the publication number and the document title. Put quotation marks around the title. For example: JCS Pub 1, "Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States." Also see composition titles.

Department of Defense seal and logo use – The Department of Defense seal and DOD logo are not interchangeable. Do NOT use the DOD seal, as it has restricted usage and is limited to official DOD leader correspondence, legal documents, reports, memoranda, ceremonial booklets, certificates and awards. There is no substitute for the DOD seal, and there is no optional graphic that represents the DOD.

Do NOT use service seals for products, as those seals have restricted usage limited to the individual services.

The DOD logo consists of the Pentagon icon and is typeset in Crimson Text Regular. It should be used for the majority of MC&FP and Military OneSource print and digital content. When applying the DOD logo to existing or new Military OneSource signatures (i.e., brand, properties and program marks), always position the DOD logo to the left.

For more information, consult the DOD logo and DOD seal usage guidelines.

dependent – Use family member unless usage is in conjunction with a formal description of military benefits.

dial – Use "dial" when asking the user to dial a number that requires pressing additional numbers for specific options after making the call: Dial 800-xxx-xxxx, then select 1 for Independent Living support services.

Use "call" when asking the user to call a direct number that takes the user to the intended support service and does not require selecting any additional options once the call is made: Call 800-xxx-xxxx.

diversity – All the different characteristics and attributes of individuals from varying demographics that are consistent with the core values of the Defense Department, integral to overall readiness and mission accomplishment, and reflective of the nation we serve. When creating content for Military Community and Family Policy, writers, designers and other team members should consider diversity and ensure that content represents a diverse audience in terms of age, race, differing abilities, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.

DMDC – Appropriate for all references to the organization formerly known as the Defense Manpower Data Center. Due to their broadening business, the agency shortened its name to DMDC.

DODEA – Acceptable for second and subsequent references to Department of Defense Education Activity.

DODDS – Acceptable for second and subsequent references to Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Note the plurals and lack of apostrophe. DODDS and DOD Dependents Schools refer to the school system. Use Defense Department dependents school or schools when referring to any of the system's schools in constructions that don't use a formal name.

DOD MWR Libraries – Formerly offered through Military OneSource as the MWR Digital Library, the updated DOD MWR Libraries resides at Because this is a service-wide integrated library, treat the title as a collective noun that takes a singular verb. Use DOD MWR Libraries on first reference, as this is the formal title. When referring to eResources, the library, libraries or digital library is acceptable on second and subsequent references.

Domestic Violence Prevention Month – MC&FP's official name for this recognition.