Use of Terms A-Z

Military Community and Family Policy writing guidance aligns with The Associated Press Stylebook with a few exceptions. Definitions of military-specific terms appear below, along with editorial guidance for certain commonly used words for MC&FP and our programs. See additional writing guidance in the Writing Best Practices section. Find program-specific guidance in the Program Content Guides section.


life cycle – Two words, not lifecycle.

line numbers – Lowercase and use figures when naming word lines in individual lines of a text: line 1, line 2. But: the first line, the 10th line.

lists – Use a colon after introductory text before a bulleted list. Lists should contain parallel structure. Capitalize the first word of the bulleted content, and finish with a period only if it is a complete sentence. See lists section also.

login, logon, logoff, log inLogin, logon and logoff are all nouns. Two words create the verb form.

long term, long-term – Hyphenate as a compound modifier: They are focusing on the long term. Her unit has a long-term overseas assignment.